Gin Blossoms – Found Out About You (2,305 plays)

Oh Gin Blossoms, you understand.

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Jawbreaker – Ache (4,241 plays)

Jawbreaker - Ache

Just keep reinventing myself.
It’s move or die.
(I change my form)
These days the people I love
are spread so far apart.
(All out of reach)

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately how meaningless relationships with people can feel—one second you feel like you’ve known someone your whole life, and the next they are a complete stranger. Maybe we are all strangers because I’m not sure how to determine how you really know someone or not. And maybe I’m talking nonsense, but it seems the best we can hope for is finding people that understand us on some common level and hope to not fuck it up so that they merely become strangers to us again.

The Sidekicks – 1940s Fighter Jet (229 plays)


And I hope we both live on
I hope my engine gets me home
I hope next time you see me
You’d still like to kiss me

Waxahatchee – Swan Dive (11,273 plays)


Won’t you sleep with me every night for a week
Won’t you just let me pretend this is the love I need 
And I will grow out of all the empty words I often speak
and you will be depleted, but much better off without me
ooh, ooh…

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Jets To Brazil – Starry Configurations (1,199 plays)

my dear diary: it’s just you and me tonight
you don’t love me
aren’t thinking of me
you don’t love me
aren’t thinking of me tonight
why am I waiting for you to see I’m alive

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"If you can see a future without me and that doesn’t break your heart then we’re not doing what I thought we were doing here."

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I’ve lost more sleep than I can say
And blurred the lines between the days
Pour myself another cup
Put one out light another up
My mind’s stopped making any sense
I’ve lost track of the present tense
Don’t wanna leave, don’t wanna stay
I’d kill to bring back yesterday
Folded up and left for dead
The things I wish I would’ve said
The times I should’ve turned and run
But the damage was already done
And I dug myself a deeper hole
Raked myself over the coals
Reason brings redemption
But redemption won’t be mine

Suppressed my frustration
But it returned
Lost in the translation
I’m not concerned
Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em
'Cause we're never gonna learn
And dance upon the ashes of this world

Got hours more and miles to go
I feel the clock begin to slow
Play the hand that I was dealt
By the enemy that is myself
If I don’t get out from under this
I might never know what I fucking missed
I’m at the breaking point
But don’t know where to draw the line

Suppressed my frustration
But it returned
Lost in the translation
I’m not concerned
Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em
'Cause we're never gonna learn
And dance upon the ashes of this…

I’m ticking like a fucking bomb
Had the best of intentions
My resolve outlasts my apprehensions
Won’t be the first time
Not gonna be the last

I looked ahead through bleary eyes
And wondered what was left
Wondered will I pass the test
I’ve lost myself and found myself
And then I lost it all again

It comes down to me in the end
The more I know
The less I comprehend
It comes down to me in the end

Bloody hell, D4 will always be relevant.

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The Casket Lottery – Composing Myself (A Lullaby) (114 plays)


and it was ten degrees. if you were there, you may have seen that it looked like i smoked when i breathed and i lost my mind thinking about the rest of our lives.

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Ramones – My-My Kind of a Girl (485 plays)

This song IS heart eyes.

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